1. Why must Moon Shadow and his father leave the Company?

TW: Moon Shadow watched his father kill Black Dog. Moon Shadow and his father would have gotten killed too by the gang that black dog was involved in if they stayed with the Company in China town.

2. How does Moon Shadow react to Miss Whitlaw's stained-glass window? How does his reaction lead to unerstanding?
ab. Moon shadow is shocked because he didn't think dragons were evil only some dragons

Mrs. D. Continue with the second part of the question. How does Moon Shadow’s react to this?

3. How does Mis Whitelaw help Windrider come closer to achieving his dream?

.TW: Windrider’s dream is to fly airplanes. Miss whitlaw helped moonshadow write a letter to the Wright brothers and the wright brothers wrote back.

Mrs. D. Finish your answer.

4. How does the author Yep make the Whitlaws seem different from other "demons"?

P.L miss.witlaw is nice because she is treats moon shadow and his father with care and respect. Also, miss witlaw feeds moon sadow and his father.

Mrs. D. How is this treatment from Miss Whitlaw different from the other “demons” treatment to the Tang people. Also, please spell the names correct and capitalize them.

5. Does the growing friendship between Moon Shadow and his father and the Witlaws seem true to life? Why or why not?
K.W: Yes, because I think the world should be friends.

Mrs. D. How does the “world being friends” link to why you think that the friendship is true to life?